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Oregon Photo Gallery
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For more information, call us at: Phone number 541-670-3938
I know of a few 20 acre unpatented mining claims in Oregon at this time that I can set you up with for $2,000 each.  Call for details.

If you would like information about any of the claims you should really call him as he is not around a computer much and is not a text kind of person.  The number is 541-670-3938.

Below you will see the photo's of a 40 acre claim on the East Fork Illinois River just outside of Cave Junction, Oregon in Jackson county in the Waldo mining district.  There are very claims on this river as most of the land is privately owned.  This claim offers close to a half mile of the East Fork River.  One of the curves does walk outside of the claim and then re-enters the claim.  The claim has good dirt road access.  You will travel on dirt road roughly 1/2 mile to be on the claim.  The claim is located behind a locked BLM gate which the new owner will be able to get a key to which I provided a photo of the gate.  The gate is actually the beginning of the claim and from the gate you will travel about 1/2 to the end of the claim.  There is a couple spots to park campers and RV's off to the side of this road.  The river is roughly 300 to 400 feet from the road on pretty good flat land.  There is a few decent trails going to the river from this road.  While you are walking or ATV'ing back and forth on these trails you will be walking over old gold bearing river bed gravels with some good size timber growing on top, so you know this is virgin ground with gold in it and lots of gold.  One of the photo's you will notice old river bed gravels where the river has cut through it over the years.  I have dredged on this claim and the claim above it and got some very nice gold.  A lot of your sample pans will average 25 to 45 specks of gold with an occasional nice little piece or two right on top.  You will run into false bedrock/hard pan and you will pick up some nice pieces of gold right on that.  When you bust through that and go down to bedrock this is where you will be getting some really nice gold.  This claim is for sale for $12,000.  The new owners will be happy and like this claim.
Also have claims:

Two 40 acre claims on Glade Creek, Jackson County Oregon, $4,000 each.

Two claims on Kinney Creek roughly 35 acres each, Jackson County Oregon,  $3,500 each.

Four 40 acre claims on Silver Creek just outside of the town of Sumpter, Oregon,  $4,000 each.

Two 160 acre claims on Sturgis Creek in Josephine County Oregon,  $8,500 each.