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It usually snows a few times a year in this area and then melts off the same day or within a day or two.  Very seldom does it snow enough in this area to prevent you to getting to the claims.  Obviously during those times a person would want a 4-wheel drive.  We were just out there March 10th and we hit a few spots with a couple inches of snow for probably 50 to 100 ft. and then it would turn back to dirt.

This claim is located on Glade Creek in Jackson county, Oregon.  The name of the claim is GOLD CLAW.  The claim is legally recorded in the Jackson county recorders office and with BLM.  The ORMC number is 168872.  This claim is located in Section 18, Township 40 S, Range 1 W of the Willamette meridian totaling 40 acres.  Some decent gold has been recovered off these claims with some nice benches to be worked.  The majority of gold I have found on these claims have been fine to flake gold with some pickers as I haven't had time to work these claims much at all.  These claims have exposed bedrock in and out of the creek and I have found some nice pickers in some of the crevices.  The price of this claim is $4,000.

Here are the directions on how to get to this claim.  Please drop me an e-mail if you plan to go to the claim, so I know who is out there.

From Grants Pass, Oregon you will take 238 East for about 21 miles to the small town of Ruch.  You will turn right on Applegate Road heading towards Applegate Lake.  I added a picture of Applegate Lake on this page for you to see.  It is not included in the sale of this claim.  The lake was low at the time.  You will travel 2.8 miles on Applegate Road and turn left onto Little Applegate Road and then go 6.2 miles and the road will then turn to dirt.  Go straight where it turns to dirt on the dirt road and you will go 8 miles and you will go over the bridge and you will see Wagner Gap Road 2250 to your left, just stay to the right on road 2030.  You will then go about 1 1/2 miles to the next bridge, go over the bridge and you will see a road to the left that follows Glade Creek and that is still road 2030, go up that road.  Travel roughly 1/2 mile and you will see my claim signs nailed to trees marking the south and north border of this claim.  You will also see the pull-in area to set up camp.

I also own then next claim up that abuts to this claim for sale.  This other claim is known as GOLD CLAW 1 with an ORMC # 168873 and it is $4,000 also.  If someone wanted both claims the price would be $7,000.

We also have claims on Silver Creek near Sumpter, Oregon in Baker county and a 40 acre claim on the East Fork Illinois River in Josephine county Oregon and three claims on Kinney Creek in Jackson county Oregon which is a small creek mainly for sluicing, panning, highbanking and metal detecting, however there is some good nice course rough gold, actually pickers you'll find just panning around and platinum.  

We also have some claims just over the Oregon border a mile or two in California in Siskiyou county on the Middle Fork Applegate River, Elliott Creek, and a couple claims on the South Fork Salmon River just outside of Cecilville, California in Siskiyou County.