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Oregon Photo Gallery
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I know of a few 20 acre unpatented mining claims in Oregon at this time that I can set you up with for $2,000 each.  Call for details.
Also have claims:

Two 40 acre claims on Glade Creek, Jackson County Oregon, $3,000 each.

Two claims on Kinney Creek roughly 35 acres each, Jackson County Oregon,  $2,500 each.

Four 40 acre claims on Silver Creek just outside of the town of Sumpter, Oregon,  $3,000 each.

Two 160 acre claims on Sturgis Creek in Josephine County Oregon,  $4,000 each or $7,500 for both claims.

The photo's you see below are of two 20 acre unpatented mining claims on West Fork Cow Creek located and recorded in Douglas County, Oregon.

The water is quite high in the photo's due to some heavy rain.  If you would like to purchase or have questions about these claims call 541-670-3938.  If you are a serious potential buyer I strongly suggest you make a phone call rather than text or e-mail.  He is not much into computers, so voice to voice on the phone is the best way to make contact.

These claims are roughly 27 miles from the exit 103 on I-5 freeway.  This is how you get to the claims.  Take the I-5 exit that heads west towards Riddle, Oregon and follow that road 25.4 miles and you will come to a bridge.  On the bridge it is painted "West Fork" and you will need to turn right and go over the bridge and cross the railroad tracks and you will then travel 2.7 miles and you will come to the first claim.  You will identify the claims by the 2 ft. by 2 ft. white signs nailed to the trees that read Claim No Mining along with the ORMC numbers.  Each of these claims are 660 ft. wide by 1,320 ft. long.  Each claim gives you a quarter mile of creek to prospect.  You will find one of these signs on the east and west ends of each of these claims marking the boundaries.  There are two 20 acre claims here that abut one another and that would give you 1/2 mile of creek if you purchased both.  The claims are $3,500 each or $6,000 for both.  There is lots of exposed bedrock in and out of the creek here on these claims.  You will see the creek sets down in a semi-steep narrow ravine.  The creek is within 100 to 200 ft. from the asphalt road that follows the creek on these claims.  There is a couple spots just off the road where you can park a camper or small RV on these claims.  There is nice big camping area just past these claims where there is room for lots of RV's of any size.  West Fork Cow Creek is one of the main tributary feeders to Cow Creek.
Below are Directions and photos of two 40 acre claims on Glade Creek in Jackson County Oregon which abutt one another.  Each claim offers 1/4 mile of creek frontage.  At the bottom of the page you will see a nice like new 4" dredge for sale.

It usually snows a few times a year in this area and then melts off the same day or within a day or two. Very seldom it snows enough in this area to prevent you getting to the claims. Obviously during those snowy times a person would want a 4-wheel drive. We were just out there March 10th and we hit a few spots with a couple inches of snow for probably 50 to 100 ft. and then it would turn back to dirt. 
This claim is located on Glade Creek in Jackson county, Oregon The name of the claim is Gold Claw. The claim is legally recorded in the Jackson county recorders office and with BLM. The ORMC number is 168872 This claim is located in Section 18, Township 40 S, Range 1 W of the Willamette meridian totaling 40 acres. Some decent gold has been recovered off these claims with some nice benches to be worked. This claim is $3,000.  The majority of gold I have found on these claims have been fine to flake gold with pickers as I haven't had time to work these claims much at all. These claims have exposed bedrock in and out of the creek and I have found some nice pickers in some of the crevaces.  

Here are the directions on how to get to this claim. Please drop me an e-mail if you plan to go to the claim so I know who is out there.

From Grants Pass Oregon you will take 238 East 21 miles to the small town of Ruch. You will turn right on Applegate Road heading towards Applegate Lake. I added a photo of Applegate Lake on this page for you to see. It is not included in the sale of this claim. The lake was low at the time. You will travel 2.8 miles on Applegate Road and turn left onto Little Applegate Road and then go 6.2 miles and the road will then turn to dirt . Go straight where it turns to dirt on the dirt road and you will go 8 miles and you will go over the bridge and you will see Wagner Gap Road 2250 to your left, just stay to the right on road 2030. You will then go about 1 ½ miles to the next bridge, go over the bridge and you will see a road to the left that follows Glade Creek and that is still road 2030, go up that road. Travel roughly 1/2 mile and you will see my claim signs nailed to trees marking the south and north border of this claim. You will also see the pull in area to set up camp. I also own the next claim up that abuts to this claim for sale. This other claim known as Gold Claw 1 with a ORMC # 168873 is $3,000 also. If someone wanted them both the price would be $5,000.  All paper work is current until September 1, 2015.  Once the claim is paid for a deed will be notorized and recorded in the Jackson County recorder office and with BLM transferring the claim to the new owner.  All transfer fees will be paid by us.

We also have a like new 4" ultra mini Keene dredge with a T-80 air compressor with a P180 pump and 20 ft. of suction hose, and a oversized non-clogging power jet and jet flare and a 6.5 hp Honda engine for sale for $3,000.  This dredge has less 1 hour run time on it.  It also has miners moss in the box.  You will see photos below after the claim pictures.
The text below is of four 40 acre unpatented gold mining claims located in NE Oregon just outside of the small community of Sumpter on Silver Creek.

These claims are located just outside of the small town of Sumpter, Oregon which is the richest historical gold mining community in the state of Oregon. This 50 mile wide by 100 mile long area has produced more gold than the rest of the whole state combined together. The claim name is Krystal Dog #1. The ORMC number is 171285. This claim is located in Baker County on the rich Silver Creek in Township 8 S, Range 36 E, Section 36. This claim comprises the E1/2, SE1/4,NE1/4, section26, W1/2, SW1/4, NW1/4, section 25, township 8S, range 36E, Willamette Meridian. As you can see in the photo’s I have provided this is a perfect size creek to run a 2 inch up to a 6 inch dredge. Some of the pictures you see the water is quite high as this is pictures from early spring with run off from winter. I own the 3 claims just above this claim being offered for sale. This is a claim that you will definitely recover good amounts of gold depending on how much work you put into it, and there is also silver. The dirt road leading up to this claim is a good dirt road until the last ½ mile or so before you get to the claim. You can get to this claim with a 2 wheel drive truck and you can get a truck and camper into it and also smaller motor homes. I took my 30 ft. RV up there and had no problem, but I stayed on the claim that I own just above this claim on auction. Be aware the road does have some hills just to let you know, nothing serious though. From where you can park your RV the creek is within a 200 to 300 hundred feet.  The upper claim you can park multiple RV's within 50 ft. of the creek.

This is how you get to the claim from Sumpter: Go to the northwest end of town past the gas station and you will see a road call Cracker Creek Road, turn right and go roughly 5 miles on this good dirt road and then you will see a road to your left with a forestry sign of road 5540 and you will see a kind of an old gravel pit there, turn left, then go roughly 3 miles on this good dirt road and you will be on the lower claim.  You will start seeing white signs roughly 2 ft. by 2 ft. with black lettering reading "Claim No Mining".  As you drive up through these claims that do abut one another you will see these signs nailed on both the south and north borders of each claim marking the north and south borders.   The ORMC numbers to these claims are 171285, 171286, 171287, and 171288.

There is a whole lot of patented mining claim land just below and above this claim about a mile around and this tells you just what kind of claim your on as they would not have patented that land if it wasn’t rich enough. Here are a few of the lode mines located within a mile or two of the claim in Baker District; Carpenter Hill, Dale, Stubb, Tom Paine, Young American and in Cracker Creek District is; Analulu, Argonaut, Bald Mountain, Belle of Baker, Buckeye, Bunker Hill, Climax, Columbia, Cracker Oregon, Eureka and Excelsior, Golconda, Ibex, Mammoth, Mountain Belle, Mountain View, North Pole and Tabor Fraction.

While you are in Sumpter you  see and old dragline bucket dredge that used to work the Burnt River.  You will find hand crafted gold nugget jewelry being sold by the local miners. You will also notice pictures of deer eating out of cardboard boxes in a local store. This is not one of those claims like you have seen listed of a mud puddle that will dry up before dredging season even starts being peddled as a quality, historical claim. What happens in those cases, these out of state people file on claims from out of state then drive up for a week to snap a few pictures to run home and put on auction and then when they get to the area they see it is just a mud hole, but they still try to talk it up and sell it to you. Not the case with this claim or any claim I own. I do own real quality paying claims only. Like the old saying; location, location and pictures are worth a thousand words. So if your looking for a real quality claim where you will get gold may I suggest you look into this one.

When purchasing an unpatented mining claim you are purchasing the mineral rights, not the actual land. Along with the mineral rights comes the right to use as much of the surface as needed for your mining operation and you also have the right to stay on your claim while you are mining or just out there prospecting. Don’t let anyone tell you that you own the land on any unpatented mining claim because you don’t. They are not accepting any applications for patents at the time, but this may change at anytime and if so, then you would be able to submit an application for a patent and if it was approved then you would own the land and only then you would own the land and be able to do what you would do on any private property that this state allows.

The asking price is $3,000 each or $10,000 for all four 40 acre claims which would give you one mile of contiguous creek and land to mine on Silver Creek.  The creek flows through the center of each claim kitty-corner pretty much.

Once payment is received and clears a deed will be signed and notarized transferring ownership. Then we will send the deed off to the Baker County recording office to be recorded and they will send it back to the name and address listed on the deed of the new owner. We also send a copy of the notarized deed to BLM with owner transfer fee. We do not charge a fee for any of this paper work. You also have the option to mail the papers yourself, but if you mess it up, I don't want to hear about it when it could have all been avoided. You will also have to pay the transfer fees yourself if you choose that option. If you have any questions, e-mail me. I'm out prospecting a lot so it may take a day to get your answers.  Phone calls work best for me.

There are no liens or encumbrances on it. There is no tax on an Oregon unpatented mining claim.

The paper work is all up to date until September 1, 2015 and then the new owner will need to file and record their annual labor with BLM and the Baker County recording office on or before September 1, 2015 and of each year thereafter. All this will be explained to the new owner. As long as you own 10 claims or fewer all you have to do is work this claim 8 hours per year and give BLM $10 to process your small miner waiver form and your annual labor form and record your notarized annual labor form with Baker County and send a copy to BLM along with your $10 fee per claim. I will also send the new owner all the paper work they will need to file for the up-coming year along with maps and other useful information and the addresses of the recording office and BLM.