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Oregon Photo Gallery
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For more information, call us at: Phone number 541-670-3938
I know of a few 20 acre unpatented mining claims in Oregon at this time that I can set you up with for $2,000 each.  Call for details.
Also have claims:

Two 40 acre claims on Glade Creek, Jackson County Oregon, $3,000 each.

Two claims on Kinney Creek roughly 35 acres each, Jackson County Oregon,  $2,500 each.

Four 40 acre claims on Silver Creek just outside of the town of Sumpter, Oregon,  $3,000 each.

Two 160 acre claims on Sturgis Creek in Josephine County Oregon,  $4,000 each or $7,500 for both claims.

The photo's you see below are of two 20 acre unpatented mining claims on West Fork Cow Creek located and recorded in Douglas County, Oregon.

The water is quite high in the photo's due to some heavy rain.  If you would like to purchase or have questions about these claims call 541-670-3938.  If you are a serious potential buyer I strongly suggest you make a phone call rather than text or e-mail.  He is not much into computers, so voice to voice on the phone is the best way to make contact.

These claims are roughly 27 miles from the exit 103 on I-5 freeway.  This is how you get to the claims.  Take the I-5 exit that heads west towards Riddle, Oregon and follow that road 25.4 miles and you will come to a bridge.  On the bridge it is painted "West Fork" and you will need to turn right and go over the bridge and cross the railroad tracks and you will then travel 2.7 miles and you will come to the first claim.  You will identify the claims by the 2 ft. by 2 ft. white signs nailed to the trees that read Claim No Mining along with the ORMC numbers.  Each of these claims are 660 ft. wide by 1,320 ft. long.  Each claim gives you a quarter mile of creek to prospect.  You will find one of these signs on the east and west ends of each of these claims marking the boundaries.  There are two 20 acre claims here that abut one another and that would give you 1/2 mile of creek if you purchased both.  The claims are $2,500 each or $4,500 for both.  There is lots of exposed bedrock in and out of the creek here on these claims.  You will see the creek sets down in a semi-steep narrow ravine.  The creek is within 100 to 200 ft. from the asphalt road that follows the creek on these claims.  There is a couple spots just off the road where you can park a camper or small RV on these claims.  There is nice big camping area just past these claims where there is room for lots of RV's of any size.  West Fork Cow Creek is one of the main tributary feeders to Cow Creek.