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We are always looking for mining equipment and new properties.
We're committed to helping you.

If your looking for high quality and personal service, you've come to the right place.  At luckyshotau999 we'll give you the attention and personal service you'll come to expect and enjoy.

We offer the best in mining claims.  Our rates are competitive, with no hidden fees.  We are friendly and will be there to help you every step of the way.

luckyshotau999 has been locating valuable claims and prospecting and mining for 37 years.  At this time we are offering unpatented claims in Arizona, Oregon, and California.  Let us put our experience to work for you.  

You’re always welcome here.

If you or someone you know would like to start your own exclusive private little mining club where you choose your members on some actual quality claims with gold on them, I may have a deal for you. You can view all the claims we have in Arizona, California, and Oregon and add up the numbers and make me a reasonable offer and we might just make a deal. We and a few friends are planning on moving back up to Alaska permanently and I am going to pick up my mining where I left it a few years ago. We are not interested in any joint ventures. I may be interested in some trade such as a nice semi secluded home with some acreage somewhere in the western states which could be a place to come to once in a while in the winters.

Click on the state above that you would like to view.  What ever claims are available will show up for you.
When it comes to buying Prospecting and Mining Equipment we Strongly recommend Black Cat Mining out of Medford Oregon!!!  Great Place with Knowledgable, Nice people!  That's who we and many friends deal with. They don't try to sell you items you don't need, only what you do need. They don't get into your personal business and talk down other people.  That in itself is hard to find now days and believe me I've dealt with many. We have made many friends throughout our life's prospecting and mining.
If you have a claim or mining equipment your thinking of selling, or if your looking to buy a claim or mining equipment, drop me an e-mail describing the claim or item that you are looking for or want to sell along with photo's if possible, and if I know or hear of someone I will put you in contact with that person and you two can work it out among yourselves.  I do not charge or expect a red cent out of this, I do this just because that's the way I am.  Us miners need to stick together and help one another instead of sabatoging one another like many are doing now days.

This is a very fun and profitable and exciting way of life for a couple or just good buddies or yourself with an RV to travel around the gold bearing states following the weather locating and selling quality rich claims.  I will assist you in this.  It's been a very fun and profitable life for us.

​We are planning on going back up north to jump into and old mining operation we had going on years ago and would like to give a person the chance to do what they like to do.  Get out of the hustle and bustle of the city.  We are offering to sell all the claims listed on this web site, our web page and its name and phone number to the right person.  This web page has been up and running roughly 3 years and has been listed in the California Mining Journal for roughly 3 years, therefore there are many magazines on shelves and in offices with this web site listed on it sitting around.  We have got many calls and e-mails from people all around the country and the world.  We are known to have quality and well paying claims.  The prices you see listed on this page for the claims are actually lower than they should be.  The complete package we will sell for $130,000 cash and we will assist and guide you if needed in locating and filing on future claims open to mineral entry.  We will also help you file on a handful of extra claims to get you up and on your way that I actually know of that are open to mineral entry at this time.  We have a very good excellent reputation with the people we have dealt with in the past.  We would give the new person the knowledge on how to locate and file mining claims legally and correctly.  We also have many repeat customers that could become your customers.  Possible trade for country land/home/cabin that we could use to come back in the winter months might be a possibility.
While we hope you have great holidays, we do not give out claim testing and sampling on holiday weekends.